Summer is in full swing and we hope you are enjoying the amazing weather we have been having not to mention the break from homework.  True Potential Tutoring had a great 2nd year, thanks to your help we were able to double the amount of hours we tutored this year.  By 4th quarter we were tutoring 26 hours a week.  We worked with 7 fantastic dedicated tutors who had a great impact on our students success, they really became invested in the students they worked with and went above and beyond.  Our students worked so hard to be successful taking advantage of and appreciating the one-on-one tutoring, they all have made me proud.

By the time some students start working with us they are failing every subject, it is not because they are not bright and caring about school there are complicated reasons but in part because of failures in the system.  Once these students start realizing they can do well, that there are opportunities for them, that people really do care there is a huge turn around.  A student came to us after failing the first 3 quarters in Bio and Algebra – – with a lot of hard work, focus and dedication he was able to pass 4th quarter in both classes as well as both regents.

True Potential Tutoring is planning for an even bigger 2016-2017 school year.  There are so many students that need our help, for so many reasons there are students that slip through the cracks, we have an obligation to them – to help level the playing field and to give them a chance at the same opportunities we want our children to have.  Our donation page is on-going please share with your friends, we are doing some summer tutoring to help students who need to re-take regents as well as to work on some basic Language Arts skills that are so important for success.  We are in the planning stages of our fall fundraisers and I will update you as soon as I have details.  Thank you all so much for your support.