As the school year is winding down True Potential Tutoring is in  full gear – – with finals and regents right around the corner our students and tutors are working really hard.  We are currently tutoring 21 hours a week but expect that to increase over the final weeks of school.  Some of our students have a lot of work to make up in order to pass the year in addition to preparing for tests,  the pressure on them is intense, I am glad we found each other while there is still time to make a difference.  When I see how hard a student will work when someone is willing to work with them it makes me feel sad that they could not get what they needed earlier but hopeful that with hard work we can really make a difference.

Our tutors are amazing and become really invested in the students they work with.  One of our tutors who works with 4 students just moved to Connecticut to start a job,  he is so invested in helping these students make it through the end of the year he has committed to driving down to LB in order to meet with them on Sundays – this means to world to TPT and his students.

I want to thank everyone for their continued support and donations.  We are brainstorming new fundraising ideas so we can continue tutoring where needed through the summer and start up as soon as school opens in the fall.  In the meantime our fundraising page will remain active, please feel free to make a donation and spread the word.  Thank you!!